Gozenshu Kuramoto Tsuji Shop

This saké brewery was founded in 1804. At that time, the Miura feudal government gave saké from this shop as official gifts, so they named it "Gozenshu," which means "honorable meal saké." The name continues to this day, but the Chinese characters used to write it have changed. It now means "honorable front saké." The owner of the company requested an image for the historical building's noren that comes from a two-handled keg used during auspicious events. This noren, their third, is dyed with the same beautiful green color that surrounds Katsuyama. Their brewery is run by the first woman to ever become a master brewer in Okayama Prefecture and their saké is made using traditional methods handed down through the ages with the superior rice and water found locally. They want to make saké that pays homage to the traditions of the past while also trying to forge new paths.