Katsuyama Folk Museum

This noren features a large design based on the Miura family crest. The crest was made in 1764 when the Miura feudal clan became the first lords of Katsuyama Castle, ruling for another 103 years. At the time, the Izumo highway (which leads from Himeji to Izumo) was prospering and the Asahi River was full of flatboat traffic. Katsuyama prospered as a castle town and stage for travelers. It's said that the present row of historical houses along the city street was almost completed by around 1740. This museum's exhibitions include items related to the Miura clan as well as Junichiro Tanizaki, who evacuated to Katsuyama in 1945. Tanizaki's masterpiece, The Makioka Sisters, was written during this time.