Maniwa is located in the north of Okayama Prefecture, with ideal access to both the Setouchi and San’in regions.
Depending on the seasons, there are spectacular sceneries to be seen here.
However, please take not that the climates differ drastically between the southern regions (Kuse) and the northern areas (Hiruzen). The average temperatures for each are are shown in the table below.

Winter thaws into the joyful Cherry Blossom season. From single giant cherry blossom trees high on the mountain tops, to stunning rows of trees lining ancient streets, each and every one is a sight to behold. With Mountain Burning across grassy hills in Spring, both local flora and traditions are protected. This is the season of Cherry Blossoms and new life, as fresh greenery spreads across Maniwa’s mountains.

Escape the Japanese summer heat and humidity at the Hiruzen Highlands in Maniwa! There are many activities and festivals for you to take part in.
July is rainy season in Japan, so don't forget your raincoat or umbrella!

As the beginnings and ends of days become colder, the leaves begin to turn. This is the season to wake up early and look over the Sea of Clouds amongst the mountains, a truly spiritual experience. From shrines and temples to Kanba Falls, explore Maniwa amongst brightly coloured leaves, and enjoy the views as you soak in a hot spring and refresh yourself.

A thick blanket of snow covers Hiruzen in winter. Enjoy hitting the slopes during the day and cozy up in a cabin at night!

Average monthly temperatures on the plains – Hiruzen Area(Kami-nagata)

  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov.  Dec.
  Average   temperature  0 0 4 10 15 19 23 23 19 13 7 3
  Maximum   temperature 4 5 9 16 21 24 28 29 24 19 13 8
  Minimum   temperature  -4 -4 -2 3 8 14 19 19 15 8 2 -2

Average monthly temperatures on the plains – Kuse Area

  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov.  Dec.
  Average   temperature 2 3 6 12 17 21 25 26 22 15 9 4
  Maximum   temperature 7 8 13 20 24 28 31 32 28 22 16 10
  Minimum   temperature  -2 -2 -1 6 11 16 21 22 17 10 5 0