Artist/Craftsman:Hiramatsu Yukio

From Hayashima City in Okayama Prefecture. Mr. Hiramatsu moved to Katsuyama in 2007 because he wanted to interact with the craftsmen of this town famous for its bamboo goods. He creates bamboo crafts that weave together the traditions of the past with his own unique style.


Hiramatsu Bamboo Crafts

Subject:Traditional Bamboo Baskets
Traditional Kyoto flower baskets made from bamboo strips. Because a single piece of bamboo is used to make the strips, beautiful color gradations are possible.
Schedule:Any Time
Time/Charge:About 3 hours 1 person:Pot for Coaster-¥2500 / Basket-¥2300 (cost of materials included)
Number of People:Usually:Pot for Coaster-6 / Basket-10
Location:To be determined prior to workshop (any location okay)
Application Deadline:1 week in advance